We have the ability to effortlessly deliver to you any quality items from China, no matter what those items might be as well as a couple of many services related to the trading business, At Shana, we outsource the ordered goods to clients from across the globe, and are well-versed in the whole trading business.

We do garment branding
process modernly for your product

Shana team are perfect and expert in developing and branding the new products, together we can achieve your goals and bring the products from the idea to the real
Market Study
Analysis of the market needs, to know the exactly expected customers.
Tech Pack

Creating the sheet which includes all the details needed to construct a product


Select the brand name, logo design as well the trademark registration


Will proceed with all kind of samples during development stages and production.

Production Control

Will place the order and source the required material with our professionals.


Marketing the product into the target markets using all marketing tools.

Collect all required details and specifications needed for production, to ensure getting the exact product.
Evaluate the suppliers, calculate the cost then select the perfect one to produce your product.
Place the order to the supplier, follow up every single process from samples to production.
Inspect the product during production and on the final stage, arrange the shipment to client stores 

Logistics Services

Shana International Team with our shipping forwarding partners effectively manages the movement, storage, and flow of services and goods, both within and outside of your organization.

Inspection Service and Quality Control During Production Stages

Shana International will help you to assign an expert inspector to monitor the quality of your product during all production stages, arrange a final inspection and attend the loading process as well to ensure that product meets the required quality level 100%.

When you’re making consumer products from any given overseas company, it is not easy to tell the level of quality of the products before you get to see them.

Therefore, given third party companies help you certify the quality of your products before they are shipped. All they do is to send qualified inspectors to have a look at the order in the whole production process.
The verification and checks aids in the provision of assurance that the products meet the recommended quality requirements complies with the stipulated regulatory as well as meets all the product safety standards. It’s essential to recognize that factories make mistakes; however, some make more mistakes than others.

Marketing Service For Both Products and Manufactures

We execute the marketing of your services and products beyond your borders, while also negotiating the best prices for what you produce, which means that we can save you time and money because you no longer need to hire a separate marketing team.

Many Chinese factories can't keep in touch with the global market as well as it's difficult for them to a hire professional marketing team who's can understand the target market culture and language.

Our aim is reducing your marketing cost and present your factory ability and equipment as we move your factory to every expected buyer hand through several marketing tools and ways, Not marketing the facilities and machinery, but of course products as well in details professionally.