Top 10 Fabric Kinds

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Things are changing first, and people now appreciate what they wear nowadays. If you approach a` person and ask the kind of fabric they are wearing, you will be impressed since they know. There are different kinds of fabric, and the taste depends on your customer. For you as seller, you only need to avail the variety and leave the rest to us.

I believe that the fact that people know what they want to wear is by far an advantage to you. The reason is that you can evaluate the taste and stock what will be highly bought. Imagine buying stock often because customers love what you sell. Sounds great, right?

In our topic, we shall try to dig out on 10 different fabric kinds that you can stock for your customers. 

Classes of Fabric

Before we dive into the main thing, I feel that it is essential first to identify the classes of fabric that we have. They include:

  • Woven
  • Knit
  1. Woven Fabric

Sometimes you want to select a fabric that is woven. For you to do this successfully, you need to do the following:

  • Stretch the fabric. A woven one does not stretch
  • Wrinkle the fabric. A woven fabric retains the creases upon wrinkling
  • A woven fabric frays on the length side

By performing the above, you are sure to select a woven fabric that your customer requires.

  1. The Knitted Fabric

On the contrary, your customer can be excited by knitted fabric. The best you can do here is to find out how to identify the exact fabric to fulfill their desires. Below are the ways of identifying a knitted fabric;

  • A knit fabric stretches easily mostly on the width side
  • The fabric remains smooth without any creases
  • Frays on the width side

I hope that you can differentiate the two now. We do not want you to mess with your customer’s tastes, choices, and preferences!

The Fabric Kinds

Below is the list of the 10 fabric kinds that you should know when dealing with garments:

  1. Cotton

It is a staple fiber that is derived from the cotton plant. Mostly, it is preferred since it is durable and has a strong retention of color. Whether the garment will be hand-washed or washed by machine, it takes in water and dries, leaving the cloth in good condition.

  1. Lenin

Lenin is derived from the flax plant. The plant produces a strong fiber. Once you offer this fabric to your customers, they will enjoy a strong life span and a functional moisture integration.

  1. Jute

The jute fabric is shiny. It generates soft and long pieces of fiber that are used to make fabric. The fibers are friendly to the environment, very strong and therefore, suitable for all industrial net and yarn.

  1. Wool

Wool is a natural fiber that we obtain from sheep. There is a specific kind of sheep that are kept for shaving. Wool is one of the warmest fabric and has a potential of resisting wrinkles.

  1. Rayon

Rayon is obtained from cellulose fiber. This kind of fiber has a texture that matches high natural fibers. It’s lightweight, soft, and it absorbs all types of cellulose fiber.

  1. Fiber Glass

Fiberglass is a fiber that is strengthened by the use of plastic. This kind of fabric is resistant to flames, highly durable, and robust.

  1. Bamboo

The fabric is obtained from bamboo pulp. Although it is somehow light, the bamboo fiber is strong and durable. As a bonus, the fiber has some antibacterial property that treats odors from the body.

Well, you should also know that this is one of the fabrics that have some insulating properties. Therefore, it keeps you warm through the seasons.

  1. Modal

Modal is derived from cellulose obtained from a beech tree. On the more substantial ground, modal is rayon. All the garments that you make from this fabric do not crease and less demanding in maintenance.

  1. Denim

Denim is a heavy fabric that does not stretch. Although it is a challenge to work with it, it is still possible.

  1. Satin

Satin is a fabric worth trying as well. The fabric is gorgeous, shiny, and shimmery. Apart from draping well, the material is either lightweight or heavyweight.

In the above list, you can choose a variety that you can be dealing with. Evaluating what pleases your customers is the starting point. You can check more types here.

When you are done selecting the best type of fabrics to avail to your customers, the next step is to link with us. We deal with all kinds of garments, and we shall market all of them for you at the most affordable cost.


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